You may have seen some reviews or comments written on the internet about the company Vivint and how their whole operation is a scam however what we are intending to do in this article is to show you that this is just not true. The company itself is based in Utah and was formerly known as APX before a name change and restructuring occurred recently however this has not stopped some individuals from trying to discredit the organization as a whole.
Let us look at some of the claims that are going about in relation to an alleged Vivint scam. Some say that their products are not up to scratch and that the price you pay does not reflect the quality while other people have issues with rumours over customer service and sales. Something that you will find with these ‘complaints’ is that when probed for concrete proof or evidence to back them up then they fall through and any talk of a Vivint scam quickly disappears due to the fact that there is no concrete evidence to support it.
In fact the company itself was certified two years in a row (2008 and 2009) by J.D. Power and Associates for its outstanding customer service so you have to ask yourself: would a company that has apparently been involved in a scam for years be certified and praised by credible and global market research company? The fact that it can boast half a million or so customers surely means that many are happy with the service? Search for any company on the internet and bad reviews will appear but this is a part of any business; when pressed for actual evidence of a Vivint scam all the accusations fade away and with thousands of happy customers then it is clear that Vivint runs a successful and legitimate operation.

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